To address my touched-out-ness, we frequently count to ten or twenty before nursing. It lets me get settled and Ronan enjoys it.

He *can* count to ten, but prefers to repeat after me. If I ask him what comes next, he usually says "TEN! BOOBIES!" Sometimes, though, it's "1, 2, SEVEN!" or last night, "3, FOURTEEN!".

And then he'll count to himself later, nonsensically.

My child, umprompted, counted to eleventeen last night. It comes after twenty, it seems.

*cracks up*
This morning's waking-up convo:
Ronan: MaMa poops. Baba. Poops!
Me: yeah! They poop!
Tom: They might poop here!
Me: They're going to poop in our house! Daddy's gonna poop in the yard! *farts*
Tom: Mani just pooped in bed!
Me: *glares*
Ronan: Jerry pees yard!

I don't know if that's his first three word sentence, but we're amused.
Ronan is displaying symptoms of his first earworm.

"Habanera" from Carmen. The Beaker/Swedish Chef version.
Tom wins Father of the Year.

I was cackling. I admit it.
You know, it would be nice if the cones and signs out front gave a reason (or a department responsible) for tomorrow's street closure (7a-5p). Fortunately, the nice lady at City Hall's customer service desk was happy to call around to get an answer.

Paving. Tomorrow. Oy. Oh, well. At least I can be expect to hear heavy machinery and asphalt grinding at 7am. It's easier to adjust when you know it's coming.

I don't think I mentioned, but we had an 18mo well baby visit for Ronan. He's 32" long, 21.1lbs, and 19" head circumference. He was weighed clothed, so he's probably not gained in six mo, but he's grown three inches! We had his iron tested, too, because the office will do a finger prick, unlike UVA's lab which failed to get a vein in four stabs back in May. His hemoglobin is perfectly normal, so we're not going to worry about lead. If his iron were low or even low normal, we'd have to go let them strap him down and torture him for a vial.

Anyhow, my kiddo is still on his curve, which is something like 15-20th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight. He seems to be catching up to his head, too. Maybe he won't be a bobblehead, after all.

Ped also mentioned chicken pox is making the rounds, so we should keep an eye out for spots. He's also researching vitamin D options for winter, but was glad to hear that Ronan gets plenty of sunlight. (And so do I, so my breastmilk is not likely to be deficient. I tested great for D several months back.)
Our child is a little thief. Removing a card from your wallet? He will deftly snatch it from your fingers so smoothly you'd swear you didn't just watch him do it. Washing dishes? The scrub brush will end up scrubbing your neck. Blowing your nose? He'll eat the kleenex before you've fully removed it from the box.

So it was no surprise that he grabbed the pepper shaker as Tom was straightening up the counter today. What *was* a surprise was that he licked the top. The very peppery top. For at least 20 minutes. I think he was shaking it to get more pepper out.


May. 27th, 2007 12:36 pm
I got a real, honest-to-goodness smile this morning. Ronan's been smiling at Tom for a few days, but has thus far only seen me as a food source. YAY!

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