So, Tom ended up winning a handheld GPS from his school (or the consortium team) for participating in the DARPA balloon challenge. It arrived on the same day we opened a gift from my parents--an even nicer handheld GPS. Bonus! My BiL's holiday gift suddenly became a no brainer and we can get started on a new hobby. I'll have to get to the PO soon. I have a backlog of packages to mail.

So today we located our first two geocaches. I have a feeling we may also start seeking out earthcaches, because we're nerds. Ronan thinks treasure hunting is the best thing ever. Tom suddenly realized we can start sharing all of our random finger puppets (they clutter far too many drawers and pockets at this point). And I just like going out on long walks.

Slightly fuzzy pic of the urchin:
There it is!

It was a gorgeous day for our 3.5mi walk. Chilly, but the sun was pretty warm (when it was out) and our fleeces and brisk pace kept us warm. Well, somewhat brisk pace. Had I realized how many people have still not shoveled the sidewalks along their property, I'd have worn boots and carried trekking poles. And BigCoffeeChain was open, so we enjoyed a break to warm our toes and tummies before setting off back home.

We also spotted some neat graffiti near the tracks. Graffiti There are always a handful of cars parked here with "DO NOT HAMMER" printed on the side. I really want to organize a hammertime flash mob near the end of a UVA shift (parking lot abuts this ramp). Come on, pull out your hammerpants and join us.

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