I spent a bit over a month egg-freef or Ronan.

His eczema totally cleared up. Of course, he was also egg-free. So with a nice, clear baseline, I introduced eggs into my diet. Not even eggy eggs, but baked goods containing egg. I just wanted to see if we had a transfer situation with breastmilk. And, y'know, eggs were an integral part of my diet pre-Ronan's reaction.

You see, Starbucks now has individually wrapped gluten-free orange almond cakes. And they're soy-free.

So I bought one on Friday. It was a lovely novelty, but I really don't care for orange-flavored cakes. Still, kudos to Starbucks for delivering a product with excellent texture.

When I saw no evidence of a reaction on his skin by Sunday, I had a second one. (He did scratch some Saturday, but it might've been sweat. Or sand. Or anything.).

And this evening, I saw his skin flushing. Unmistakable signs of early eczema rash. Plus he was scratching like mad all evening.

So I guess there's no orange cakes in my future (which is okay, again, I just don't care for them). Sadder still, no mayo.

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