Four years

Apr. 27th, 2011 10:42 am
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My son turned four last Thursday. He nursed at some point last week, so I'm totally claiming the fourth ribbon. ;)

At two, he nursed like a newborn more so than he actually did as a newborn. At three he was nursing a couple-few times a day but had pretty much self-nightweaned between 32-34mo (and started STTN, still in our family bed).

At four, he nurses a couple times a month. He randomly informs me that he still nurses, even if he doesn't ask to nurse right then. I can generally count on a nursing session if he's seen me holding someone else's baby for an extended period that day.

Sessions are very short for the most part, though sometimes last a few minutes. He tells me there's still milk and I believe him. He's never been one to draw comparisons between breastmilk and other foods. It just is and it's good.

I don't offer, but I don't refuse, either. I try to appreciate and remember each session. I look at them fondly now, mostly because they happen less frequently and I know that soon he'll just be done and neither one of us will have realized it happened.

He stopped wanting to nurse when injured sometime after he turned three. I recall nursing him after a really nasty wasp encounter last spring, but I'm not sure we've had another injury comfort session since then.

I will still nurse him in public, but he hasn't really asked in months. His session last week was at our community garden plot, but nobody else was around, so that barely counts as NIP. One of our pictures was included in PhD in Parenting's "Covering up is a feminist issue" video. He was three and we were nursing alongside a busy trail in the Smokies.

CLW has definitely been a lovely process for us.

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