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Ronan and I just returned from a trip to Florida. We flew to Orlando, rented a car, and drove to Melbourne. We stayed with my brother for a few days, then returned to Orlando, dropped off the rental, and got on the Amtrak headed south.

At West Palm Beach, we transferred to the Tri Rail (regional rail) and went one station south to meet my MiL and her sister.

Tom's grandma Mary turned 90 Saturday. Her daughters decided the best surprise would be a visit from Ronan. They kept it secret until we walked in.

Anyhow, it was a lovely visit. The night before we left, I was up late and found myself paging through a random freebie booklet cookbook. I found a chicken with cranberries crockpot dish. It was pretty much this recipe, though it called for a quartered/skinned broiler (about 3.5lbs) and used a beurre manié instead of a slurry. I copied it out by hand (crampy, I rarely write these days) and brought it home.

I just made it today, using 3.5lbs of boneless skinless thighs.


It's really good. I might up the cinnamon next time.
A week or so ago, I bought 100 tortillas because they were on a great sale. So we've had a week of enchiladas and quesadillas.

Anyhow, I made chicken enchiladas verdes earlier this week. After pulling the thigh meat off the bones, I threw the bones back in the poaching water, added more water, and cooked it all evening. This gave me about 6-7 cups of chicken broth, which went in the fridge.

Last night, I instructed [ profile] explodingcat in the fine art of making potato kale soup. Yum.

I just had another bowl. Mmmmm.
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This is really tasty. I can smell it, despite being congested from the pigSARS. FiL made it when we were up there, Tom's making it now. FiL doubled the marinade. I think we just halved the chicken. ;)

Anyhow, for all I know you've made this before. I just really, really like it and it seems like something you might enjoy. Posted on LJ for all the other folks who eat fowl.
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Toss 1.5 lbs bison short ribs into the crockpot. Add a diced onion or two.

Slightly less than a half bottle of Fischer & Wieser plum chipotle bbq sauce. Fill to the top with warm water, shake well, pour over ribs. Fill halfway again, shake some more, pour.

Cook on low for at least seven hours, til the meat starts thinking about falling off the bone (or does so). Add some salt and a can of (drained) cannellini beans. Maybe some dried roasted garlic and black pepper. Cook til the beans are heated through.

Eat over buttered pasta with a bit of the broth poured over the top.

(This broth is way too sweet to reduce to a sauce. We value our beloved pancreata. No sense in actually making it too easy to eat up in mere spoonfuls.)
I kept dreaming about kimchi this morning. Tom eating kimchi. Tom feeding the baby kimchee. Contractors throwing out the pot of kimchi. Relatives tossing the kimchi and asking how the heck to clean the pot that held "some garbage". Me freaking out over Tom's kimchi getting tossed.

Turns out Ronan had a lot of fruit yesterday. And had a very yicky smelling diaper.

That's the final list. Of them, I eat all but pistachios on a near daily basis.

The allergist said I could try keeping only cooked tomatoes, but I've been carrotless for a week and a half, raw tomato-less for several days and am still itchy, so I'm afraid even cooked tomatoes will go.

I'll think about these again in several years, after I've had another hormonal shift.

Until then, I'll amuse myself by coming up with alternatives to catsup. Nomato is out--it's primarily made of carrots. I'm going to try roasting peppers and a beet and then mixing them, cooking them, reducing them with some spices and sugar, pureeing . . . . we'll see. I bet I can manage a reasonable sludgy sauce o'savory supremity.

I wasn't tested for any other nightshades and I won't worry about them unless the itchiness of doom doesn't settle. So tomatillos and peppers are still my friends. For now. I found some salsa verdo that is free of tomatoes. Thank god. And instead of growing my beloved tomato plants this year, I'll plant pineapple tomatillos and other ground cherries.

I reserve the right to break into tears this July and August when the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes are in season.
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I'm trying my hand at making mustard for boy. He eats mustard on his lunch sandwiches every single day. I often buy nifty speciality mustards for him. I saw the empty jar of Yoder's chili garlic stone-ground mustard on the counter and the big fat "0" on the message board where he lets me see the grocery budget. I checked my own yellow mustard bottle and saw that it's nearly empty. In an effort to stave off mustard theft (and naked french fries), I've opted to get creative.

I often make mustard dressings for salad, but I hadn't tried making something spreadable. Since I'm achy, I'm just using what I can easily grab in the kitchen. So far, there's been one coffee measure of yellow mustard seed, one half coffee measure of brown mustard seeds, tarragon vinegar, a generous pouring of mustard powder, a generous shake of dried tarragon, a pinch of cloves, and white wine. I think a coffee measure is 1/8cup, but I have no idea on proportions for everything. Right now, it's super hot, as just prepared mustard is. I'll taste it in a bit and see if anything needs adding. Most recipes call for sugar, but he doesn't want sugar in his mustards (I always make sure the commercial mustards have 1g of sugar or less per tablespoon). I may sneak in a drop or two of maple syrup, but not enough to make him scream. ;)

Edit: I've added olive oil to tone down the heat and add some sweetness. I also added some poppy seeds because crunchy things are yummy.
Edit2: minced garlic
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So, today we made hasenpfeffer. I found lots of recipes, but this one looked tasty. We replaced the pork with turkey, for allergy reasons, and added extra fat (palm shortening). We also used leeks instead of onions/shallots because--hey! we had leeks.

I wasn't thinking and did dredge the meat in (sweet rice) flour. No point in dredging meat--just sear it. *sigh* I made my beurre manié with mochiko.

It turned out really well, but rabbit is rather labor intensive. I think I'll use chicken thighs next time. I might make the beurre manié with potato flour, too, as it thickens more quickly.

But damn . . . this is nice and rich. It would be insanely delicious with venison and too-rich-for-my-palate with beef.

So, here's to our wovewy wabbit fwicasée!
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I just put the Torta di Noce in the oven. Yum.

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