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So I made some chili sauce the other night. It was meant to be a dried chili salsa for enchiladas. I seeded and toasted guajillos and pasillas, soaked them, then blended them with garlic and water and a bit of clove. I put it in a saucepan and simmered it for a bit. Bitter.

The next night, I wanted to make the enchiladas with leftover rotisserie chicken. I attempted to combat the bitterness with baking chocolate, a bit of salt, and cinnamon. No go, but the cheese and chicken worked well with it, so we used it, anyway.

I had a bit leftover. We decided it would be a good chili base.

So I browned the ground beef, added onions, then garlic. I deglazed the pan with lots of aged white vinegar. I don't know how much--more than you'd expect. Oregano came next. Then I added about 4oz (a small jam jar) of the sauce. A bit more vinegar, some water, a can of black beans undrained, a can of black beans drained . . . and then it simmered until the onions were cooked fully, then more salt and a can of corn (drained).

It's actually pretty awesome. I can't do tomatoes and I'm out of sweet peppers, but this worked really well.

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