Ongoing poll responses.

Last thing that made you laugh really hard?
My days all run together. I'm not sure. I laugh all the time. I typically laugh very hard while reading [ profile] explodingcat's livejournal entries. And I do laugh so hard no sound comes out on a regular basis, usually in response to something boy has said aloud. Right now I'm chuckling at my prune covered baby.

How much snow is to much snow?
Does not compute. No such thing! I suppose if it gets above the roof, it might be a hardship. So long as there's adequate ventilation for heating systems, I'm good!

Biggest surprise about motherhood?
I've not really had any surprises, mostly because I didn't build up too many expectations. Everything's going swimmingly. I'm pleasantly surprised at my lack of mastitis. Kinda "whoa" about the ongoing oversupply/forceful ejection. Did you know that breastmilk sprays out in multiple streams? Yeah. I wish my showerhead had that kinda pressure.

I'm definitely not surprised at the fact that my husband is laughing and cheering Ronan on right now as baked apples and prune-covered spoons go flying onto the floor (and then onto the dog who is assiduously cleaning the floor).

Last thing that made you cry really hard?
I rarely (almost never) cry really hard. I tend to just tear up. I recently did just that over one of [ profile] klwalton's posts about her son.

I love your icon ... Jericho the poodlydoodly,yes?
Yes! doodledog!
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