Today, [ profile] nannar asked if I wanted to meet him up in Rockfish Gap to do some evening hiking. I realized it was a quarter of five, so I helped boy pack a dinner and off we went. We picked Turk Mountain, since it's a 1.1 mile trip from parking lot to summit, with a 300 foot gain in elevation. Never mind that the bulk of that climb is in the last quarter mile.

Bloodroot is blooming along the drive at lower elevations. Up where we were, I saw foliage for pippisewa, partridgeberry, rattlesnake weed, and rattlesnake plantain (a native orchid). I saw birdstooth violets and pussytoes blooming as we climbed higher.

The view was gorgeous. We set back for the car around seven in order to beat the sun down the mountain. I've uploaded some pictures to Flickr.

In other news, we saw some tiny Downy Violets at Wigwam Falls on sunday. They're small, bright yellow violets. Very nice. I didn't have my camera, so no pics of those.

My yard is full of Common Blue Violets. They range in color from light blue-purple to dark purple to white with lavender throats to pale pale purple. I love them.

We also have a mysterious spiky weed growing along the fence. I have *no* clue what it is, but it's viciously thorny. That's the first pic in the gallery, there are three more.

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