Here is what I'd like to do this year, garden-wise.

Design and build a raised bed (min. 2'x6') for the upper slope of the backyard, in the newly sunny spot left vacant by our former oak. This probably won't get done.

Raised round bed/cage around the bird feeder. I just dug out a 12" deep pit and resettled the pole system in it. I hope twelve inches of well stomped clay will keep that damn thing from popping out of the ground again. In this cage/bed (2' diameter), I'll plant smaller varieties of sunflowers. I really like Moulin Rouge and some of the other red sunflowers.

Properly edge the bed for the mums and bulbs by the front door. It's been just a heap for a couple years. Must give it some definition.

Lots of basil. At least 15 plants. Since I can't have tomatoes, I need to put up a lot of pesto.

More lemon balm. More bee balm. More parsley. Maybe some purslane.

Two esoteric varieties of peppers. Not sure what yet. Might not get around to it.

Will not allow the milkweed vine to grow in the garden this year. No way, no how. It can have the fence, however, as it's a native vine that the monarchs will visit.

Grow pineapple tomatillos. Maybe grow giant groundcherries, too. Prefer to do these in the raised bed where they won't get overtaken by cosmos.

Sow in some millet and amaranth into the wildflower bed. Will eat some of the love-lies-bleeding ourselves, leave the rest for the birds. Maybe plant some quinoa.

I think I'll not get around to a lot of this, but I can plan.

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