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I take the kids out often, but we usually stick to parks. I've been avoiding the bus during flu/rsv/cold season, but today seemed like a nice day and Ronan's had a hankering for gelato for weeks.

It also seemed like a b/w kind of day for the camera.
Gelato time

Aenea was on my back for the first part of our outing. She fell asleep, so I left her back there, though she tipped back right as I was turning at one point and I whacked her head into a doorjamb. Oops. I took her down to make sure she was okay. It wasn't a hard whack (she was in a fleece hat and two layers of hood), but she didn't make a peep and stayed asleep, so I was a bit more worried than I'd usually be. She was fine--not hurt and desperately in need of that nap. I let her nap in arms and put her on my front when we left.

Ronan has developed an affinity for clip-on ties. He wears them with any sort of shirt, but he decided he needed a collared shirt today and willingly donned a polo. It's not his normal style, but is utterly adorable.

We wandered into a couple shops, then headed down to the bus stop to wait for the number 8. Ended up at Shenandoah Joe for my coffee. Ronan had a shy smile standoff with a friend's child--they'll end up making friendly one of these days.
Happy babyRiding the busSilly
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